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About Fantom Node Capital

What is Fantom Node Capital?

Fantom Node Capital is not just a token on Fantom Network ecosystem, it's much more; a DeFi protocol with multiple utilities with a great community and a unique protocol. Fantom Node Capital is built on Fantom Network, with the ticker $FNC, created on 31/01/2022, stealth launched with 600 Fantom paired for the initial liquidity. $FNC offers a CMaaS (Capital Management as a Service) protocol that generates treasury using transaction fees, utilizing that treasury towards investments that are favorable, then return the profits back to the $FNC community via making buybacks and burns from $FNC pair directly. This protocol ensures that as long as the Capital Managers do the right investments and generate profits, without the need of volume, permanent increase of $FNC price is maintained. Main goal of Fantom Node Capital team is to deliver a safe haven for Fantom Network investors, in terms of funds security and sustainable capital growth.

What Makes Fantom Node Capital Unique?

Being a CMaaS protocol on Fantom network, $FNC team is dedicated to make favorable investments and return them to their own community using buybacks and burns, giveaways and creating new external utilities to help price movement going upwards. The CMaaS utility will also be applied to "in real life" investments. We know that cryptoassets are extremely volatile and maybe one day, we hope not, they might vanish. But in real life businesses are forever to stay as long as the managers and owners are making right decisions about management and investments. Therefore, after having a great volume of treasury, $FNC team's priority will be to utilize it through in real life investments such as creating an import/export business, starting crypto related fast-food chains, etc. On top of our protocol, we have our utilities released.

Staking dApp

First utility that was released is our Staking dApp. Meanwhile we do our investments, our community can stake their $FNC tokens to receive 100% APY rewards in $FNC! There is no deposit or withdraw fee on your staked balance. But, to have a contribution on our Staking dApp, we tax "Rewards Balance" by 5% as a burn fee. For example, a holder staked their 10,000 $FNC, 1 year later; holder have generated 10,000 $FNC. Staking dApp takes a cut of 500 $FNC (5% of total rewards that user generated) from the holder's generated rewards. The received burn fee is immediately burnt after claiming rewards. Click here to stake your $FNC!

Jackpot dApp

Second utility we have released is the Jackpot dApp. It is a provably fair (via BlockChain) raffle game that we have built. Jackpot is a game where 5 people participate, a random winner gets selected amongst 5 people and receives 4x of their participation amount. For example, 500 $FNC is required to join the game, 5 people deposit 500 $FNC. As a result, the contract receives 2500 $FNC. When 5th user joins the game, Jackpot dApp randomly selects a winner amongst participants and delivers the winner a prize of 2000 $FNC. The Jackpot dApp delivers the Treasury fund a performance fee of 500 $FNC. The performance fees received will be used as follows:
-250 $FNC burnt to increase $FNC scarcity
-250 $FNC kept to maintain Staking dApp reserves
Click here to play Jackpot!

Fantobots NFT dApp

Our third utility is NFT Minting dApp. Our NFT set is called "Fantobots". Fantobots were created on 13/09/2022. At the same date we have applied for PaintSwap listing. There are only 300 Fantobots to ever exist. The minting price is as low as 100 $FTM. Fantobots are not just an NFT set. They have utility that FNC team delivers through them. The first utility that Fantobots will have is "Staking Booster". After you purchase and hold a Fantobot, you earn the privilege to receive a boosted staking pool for $FNC with a fixed APY of 200%! Second utility delivered through Fantobots will be "Loans". Once you have minted your Fantobot, you can contact a FNC Team member to receive a loan of 75 $FTM, using your Fantobot(s) as a collateral. You will have a deadline of one month to reimburse your debt of 75 $FTM. If you fail to deliver the debt before the deadline, your Fantobot(s) will be liquidated. But if you reimburse your debt before the deadline, you safely receive your Fantobot back. Click here to mint your Fantobot!

We are planning to deliver more utilities to Fantom Node Capital ecosystem.
Keep an eye on us and follow us on our socials to be updated.