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How to buy $FNC?

First of all your main objective is to get some FTM on Fantom Opera network through Metamask. TO DOWNLOAD METAMASK CLICK HERE! After downloading Metamask to your PC or Mobile Phone, your stock network will be ETH mainnet there. We would like to add the Fantom Opera network to Metamask. CLICK HERE FOR THE GUIDE TO FANTOM OPERA After adding the Fantom Opera network to your Metamask, you have to get some FTM coins there to make an $FNC purchase. To do this, you must use an exchange supporting Fantom Opera withdrawals such as Binance or KuCoin. To start off, you can buy Fantom ($FTM) from one of withdrawal supporting exchange. Once you have bought it, go to your withdrawal dashboard and withdraw to your wallet that you have created using Metamask, make sure that the address you are withdrawing to is Fantom Opera network and the settings on exchange withdrawal dashboard it set to "Fantom" network. Once you withdraw your funds from the centralized exchange to Metamask, shortly you should see your FTM on your Metamask wallet. Then we are good to go, to purchase $FNC visit the link here, make sure that your wallet is unlocked and connected to the Fantom Opera network: CLICK HERE TO BUY $FNC! Our liquidity is currently on SpookySwap. It works like Uniswap or PancakeSwap so you should not have any hard time swapping the $FTM for $FNC. Connect your Metamask wallet to SpookySwap website. Then just input the $FTM amount that you want to swap for $FNC tokens. Make sure that your slippage is set to at least 10%, at most a bit higher than the "price impact + the slippage". Then press the "Swap" button. Confirm your Metamask messages, and BOOM, you are officially an $FNC holder! BuyFNC In this example, the price impact is 0.74%.
Normally you should set slippage to 11%
(10% Taxes + 0.74% Price Impact + 0.26% Extra For Accuracy)
To make sure that the transaction goes through, you can set your slippage to 20 or 30 or even 40%, but this might possibly allow bots to frontrun you and perform a sandwich attack, resulting you receive less tokens and provide profits to the attacker. Therefore while using high slippage, be cautious!