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How to play Jackpot?

We have created a Jackpot dApp to increase community engagement and $FNC burn rate! CLICK HERE TO PLAY JACKPOT! The Jackpot is a game where 5 players are allowed. Each player puts 500 $FNC in the Jackpot and a winner is selected randomly. The winner receives 2000 $FNC, 250 $FNC gets burnt immediately and our treasury receives 250 $FNC. Once you are on the dApp, you should click “Connect Wallet” to connect your wallet. Make sure that you are connected to the dApp on Fantom Opera network. After you connect your wallet, the “Join the Game” button will be available to you. You must have at least 500 $FNC and enough FTM for gas in your wallet to join the game. Once you have at least 500 $FNC and enough FTM for gas in your wallet and “Join the Game” button is available, click “Join the Game” button! First you will approve your $FNC to join the game. Then the Jackpot dApp will ask you to enter the game via paying the 500 $FNC Jackpot Fee. After you successfully manage to send these transactions after clicking the "Join the Game" button, you are officially in the game! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WINNERS, SCROLL DOWN TO "getWinners" FUNCTION!

Good Luck On The Jackpot!