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How to Mint a Fantobot?

Fantobots are our third utility that we have built on Fantom Node Capital ecosystem! Fantobots are randomly generated, handcrafted and unique NFT artpieces. They are rare since there will be only 300 Fantobots to ever exist. Also each wallet can only mint two Fantobots. Fantobots are unique in terms of utility. If you own a Fantobot, you can request a loan from FNC Team using your Fantobot as a collateral. If you own a Fantobot, you can stake your $FNC for a boosted APY of 200%! Also, of course you can set it as a profile picture! They look really cool and we believe that each one of them have their own personality CLICK HERE TO MINT YOUR FANTOBOT! Once you are at the NFT dApp, at the top you can see a button that reads "Connect Wallet". Before clicking that make sure that your MetaMask wallet is connected to the Fantom Opera network. After checking your network, press "Connect Wallet" button and navigate to the wallet that you want to connect with and press "Connect" on MetaMask. After connecting your wallet, you are going to see that "Mint Your Fantobot" button in the card will be enabled. If you are sure that you have 150 FTM + the gas fees to mint your Fantobot, click "Mint Your Fantobot" button to mint your Fantobot! Once you successfully submit the transaction, your ERC-721 token named "Fantobot" should appear in your wallet. To check if it is there, go to FTMscan.com and paste your wallet address on the search bar. Then click on your wallet address on the search results. After that there will be a tab that reads "ERC-721 Token Transfers". Once you click on it, you can see that you have received a Fantobot token! If you can see your Fantobot token in your wallet, congratulations, you have officially minted a Fantobot! If you minted but still did not receive your Fantobot, please contact FNC Team via Telegram, Discord or Twitter! To trade Fantobots with other people, we have submitted our application to PaintSwap, the largest NFT trading platform on Fantom Opera network. Once it gets approved, you can sell or buy Fantobots on their marketplace! For updates or announcements about it, follow us on Twitter.

Happy Minting!