FNCLogo Fantom Node Capital

How to stake $FNC?

Meanwhile holding your $FNC, if you think the volume is low compared to the 100% APY you will receive in the staking platform, you can stake your $FNC tokens to receive rewards and enjoy 100% APY! CLICK HERE TO STAKE YOUR $FNC! Once you are at the Staking dApp, at the top you can see a button that reads "Connect Wallet". Before clicking that make sure that your MetaMask wallet is connected to the Fantom Opera network. After checking your network, press "Connect Wallet" button and navigate to the wallet that you want to connect with and press "Connect" on MetaMask. After connecting your wallet, you are going to see that buttons in the card will enable themselves for you. But before clicking any buttons, you have to input an amount to stake in the input box you can see above the "Stake $FNC" button. Once you input your desired amount to stake, you can now press "Stake $FNC" button. After pressing the button, the Staking dApp will want you to approve your $FNC first. This is a safe transaction, on MetaMask you can check that you are only allowing the Staking dApp to approve desired amount of $FNC only, nothing else. After you approve your $FNC to be staked, the Staking dApp will ask you to deposit your $FNC for staking. After you confirm that transaction too, then you are officially farming $FNC tokens with 100% fixed APY! This means if you staked 10,000 $FNC today, next year you will have 19,500 $FNC! But if you have changed your mind and want to unstake, then input the amount that you want to unstake and press "Unstake $FNC" button. Confirm the MetaMask transaction and you will receive your $FNC easily. If you only want to claim your rewards but still want to farm, then you can simply click "Claim $FNC Rewards" button to claim your rewards. After you confirm the MetaMask transaction, you will receive your $FNC rewards!

Happy Staking!